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VinegPlus was founded in 2011 by Dato’ Peter S. T. Tan, with the aim to enrich people’s lives, and inspire them to enrich the lives of others. Our goal is to offer our customers a quality lifestyle and this lead us to create the kind of products that you deserve.

Dato believes in the necessity of contributing something worthwhile back to the society and making himself a mover of better society. In 2011, the idea and notion of Dato’ Tan is entrenched into Vinegplus with a vision of sharing and engaging people to enjoy quality lifestyle with The benefit of Vinegar.

Vinegar – the Nature’s best kept secret for wellness, longevity, and beauty. The use of vinegar as a wellness drink dated as early as 3000 years ago… And Now VinegPlus bring Vinegar back to our lifestyle and mix with Natural Fruits , become one of the healthiest drinks you don’t want to miss.

VinegPlus (pronounced as ‘vi-nek plus’), The Vinegar Bar is the dawn of a new concept to promote the drinking of healthy natural fruit vinegar.

Drinking Fruit Vinegar is about prevention , make your health stronger and tough ,we strongly believe prevention is always better than cure. Together with our fresh fruits that contain high vitamin and Fiber. VinegPlus’ purpose is always want to the stay healthy. There is no better time than now, Start living healthy.

Our fruit vinegar combines the purest juice from the fresh fruits with the vinegar that fuel you to go conquer your world. We dedicated to providing you the most nutritious, delicious, and amazing place for you to get your juice and raw food on. The wonderful health benefits occur naturally from our choice of natural ingredients. Having the passion and dedication to bring you this healthy experience every time is what VinegPlus are all about.



The first step to evaluate our healthcare products is that the product must encourage rejuvenation at the cellular levels. The human body is very impressive, constantly regenerating itself and forming new cells. When the body is no longer able to cope with dysfunctions and strains, chronic illnesses occur.

Our products have the natural substances which can tackles this condition and stimulate the body’s renewal process.


Vitality is defined as a feeling of having strength and energy. Our products are aimed to increases our blood circulation, promotes balance and endurance, and wakes our body’s muscles naturally. The products must have the ability to give the vitality boost.


Apart from the healthy benefits of our products, we aimed to offer beauty benefits as well. Several key attributes of our products is that it must maintain beautiful skin and hair as well as deal with other beauty woes.


The fourth and the last step of Vinegplus is to provide products which are natural. We use only the finest all natural, organic ingredients in every bottle to offer the best healthcare and wellness products available.

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